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Aviation Disasters

We have a long track record of representing the victims of aviation disasters and their families, including:

Experience is the key driver in the success of aviation cases.

The practice of aviation law involves state and federal law, conflicts of law, and complex jurisdiction issues. Cases are sometimes governed by admiralty law, international conventions, and federal aviation regulations. Experience is the key driver in the success of aviation cases.

Aircraft accidents are often catastrophic and can be caused by:

All leading to tragic disasters resulting in serious injury or the loss of life.

In addition to having experience navigating these complex and challenging cases, our team also has a comprehensive understanding of aircraft operation, engineering, aerodynamics, physics, and mechanics.

Our firm’s founder, Michael J. Pangia, is an airline transport-rated pilot and certified airframe and powerplant mechanic. He is also the former chief trial lawyer for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Joseph L. Anderson, is also a pilot. Their aviation experience, coupled with our team’s years of experience litigating many complex aviation cases, makes us the perfect team for clients seeking justice in aviation disasters.

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